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Paintings in Supervisor's Office

Five paintings from my Trees Posing series were delivered to the ArtSpan office this morning.  Despite the crazy traffic and construction right outside the office, I made it on time with my nerves intact.  ArtSpan has been absolutely fabulous at getting venues for it's members to show their work and these paintings will be in the office of District 11 supervisor's office, Ahsha Safai.   A reception is planned for the beginning of next year.
"Climate Deniers" came about when I read an article by SF Chronicle reporter, Heather Knight  in which she wrote about a tweet and the response from some.   She tweeted "when will our leaders start taking climate change seriously?" Then she got slammed by climate deniers for linking the California wildfires to climate change.  Really.   In painting the trees, I often start with a red background and then overlay with other colors after the red dries.  In this case, it looked like a fire blazing so I went with that idea a…

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