Open Studios 2018

Some of the work I am presenting at 2018 Open Studios.  Come on by to see how the paintings look in person.  October 28, 11 am to 6 pm
Francisco Studios 2377 San Jose Ave, San Francisco.
corner of San Jose Ave and Niagara, one block from the Balboa Park BART station.
And since this is my last open studios at this site, I am trying to clear out some work- bargains to be had!  Also, I have a FREE BOX which has some art and raw materials. 
Come early for best selection!

And, now the work...
Quiet series:  All paintings in this series can be in either horizontal or vertical orientation

 "Blue Velvet"
30 in X 40 in

"Madame Pele"
30 in X 40 in

"Disco Lemonade"
30 in X 40 in

"Rowdy Calm"
6 ft X 4 ft

6 ft X 4 ft

"Asa Neda"
44 in X 44 in

"Japanese Girls Day"
26 in X 60 in

"Arctic Sky"
24 in X 36 in

From the Edges series and there will be several 20 in X 20 in paintings available.

"Love and Happiness"
26 in X 60 in

"Blue Two"
48 in X 48 in

36 in X 48 in

The Trees Posing series:

"Climate Deniers"
18 in X 18 in

"Climate Deniers"
18 in X 18 in

"Climate Deniers"
18 in X 18 in

"Iwo Jima Trees"
18 in X 18 in

"Mother and Child"
18 in X 12 in

"Washington Crossing the Delaware"
24 in X 60 in

 "Pink Tree"
33 in X 12 in

20 in X 9 in

From the Sawako series:
All are 12 in X 12 in unless otherwise noted.

24 in X 36 in

"Sawako 1"
4 ft X 5 ft

And I have a few from the Hawaii series:

"Women's March 2017"
18 in X 18 in

24 in  18 in

The studio set up


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