Wellness Center Art

A dear friend of mine asked if she could possibly get some art for the new Wellness Center at her elementary school where she works.  She mentioned that perhaps one of my little trees would be good.  And while I thought that the tree image is comforting, I thought I could do better than that.  So, I looked in my studio and remembered that I received a bunch of canvases from a neighbor who didn't want them anymore.  They were a good size but I didn't want to overwhelm the space.  When she gave me the enthusiastic go ahead, I went to work.  

I wanted the posters to be clear and cheerful.  I hope I managed that.

Since she liked the trees, I wanted to include this one.  S2S stands for "shoulder to shoulder" and the meaning is that there are teachers, family members, friends, pastors who are there to help you.  

And, here is the work in place.  


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