Art Scam Alert plus Addendum

This has to be one of the more pathetic attempts to scam me.  No attempt at making the request more believable.  Here it is in its entirety:

Andre Mikhailov -
I actually observed my wife was viewing artspan web on my laptop and I guess she like your work.  I would like to purchase one of your piece within the price range of $300 to $1000 as a surprise to my wife on our anniversary.  Also, let me know if you accept cashier's check as method of payment?

my response:
Hello Mr. Mikhailov,
Thank you for  your interest in my work.  It is nice to hear that your wife likes my work...which series in particular is she interested in?  What a thoughtful husband you are!

Andre MIkhailov reponse:
I am interested in the original piece image #2014-2 $350.00.  Kindly get back to me with your full name, address, and cell phone # where the check will be mailed to, also my private mover could also pickup the piece from your preferred location once the check cleared to your account.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.

my response:
Dear Mr. Mikhailov,
I am so sorry, I haven't updated my website since March but that particular piece has been sold.  I see you are interested in the Iceland series and unfortunately, most of those paintings have been sold.  I can send you directly the ones I have remaining if you like.  Also, I don't take cashier's checks - there have been quite a few scams regarding phony cashier's checks and the client "overpaying" with the artist refunding the difference with a real check.  It seems the scammers look on art websites like and Artspan and prey on desperate artists.  I hope we can come to a different paying arrangement.  Thank you for your interest.

That was the end of the communication with Mr. Mikhailov.  Artists Beware!

And then I received another email from Mikhailov 4 days ago:


I am interested in one of your piece as a surprise gift to my wife for our upcoming wedding anniversary. Please check your inventory and send me me list of available works within the price range of $500 to $1,500 and also do you accept payment via cashier's check? I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You

To which I replied:
you've already contacted me and I stated I don't take cashier's checks.  I believe  you wanted a painting from my "Iceland" series.  I have gone ahead and wrapped up the yellow one and is ready for shipping which shouldn't be too expensive since it is 18 inches X 18 inches on panel board.  Please give me the address.  

The scam artist is probably going through the Artspan website and sending an email blast hoping for a bite. 


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