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I received this email and it looks suspicious:

Hello, I'm Joseph Mathew, I live in Ontario Canada, and travel frequently for work. I'm looking to do a portrait of the picture attached. Oil, watercolor or acrylic painting on canvas is what I am after. Please let me know if you are into portraits, and how much it would cost? Size :80 x 68 cm Regards, Joseph.
He also attached a photograph of an older couple. What makes this look suspicious?   1.)   the email address - a name with numbers and usually a yahoo address 2.)   the person always lives in a foreign country. 3.)   If the person had to ask me if I am into portraits then he/she probably hasn't visited my website.
My response: Hello Mr. Mathew, If you go to my website, you will notice I do portraits.  If you look at the work and like the style, let's proceed. for 80 cm X 68 cm portrait based on the photo will cost $5,000. Thank you for your interest. Katherine
His response: Hello, …

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