More Marches, More Posters

Continuing with making the posters because of all the marches that were happening in a 3 week period.  The climate march was mysteriously cancelled in San  Francisco, so although I made the posters, I didn't go to the next nearest one which was in Oakland.  Instead, they have been displayed in my front window.  When I was in Washington DC for the Women's March, I noticed some people had covered their front windows with messages and that inspired me to do the same.  And heck, I put in effort in making these and I want to show them!

The next march  on May 1 #MayDay2017, was also one I wanted to participate in.  My parents were immigrants, I am married to an immigrant,  and I know many immigrants so I wanted to show my support.   This was one of the best marches I've participated in.  There was live drumming, dancers, huge colorful banners, posters galore, enthusiastic chanting and most importantly, a great diversity of people.

And of course, posters were made.

Afterwards, as per usual, we searched for a place to eat and we went into the Twitter Building.  I don't know why but I thought it was only for employees.  Inside is The Market which is home to a grocery store, a bar, a cafe, and several eateries.  It isn't the most comfortable place to sit down and enjoy a meal but it served its  purpose.  I would go back again.
Now, a break in poster making, I think.


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