First day as an AT

My first day as a SPARK apprentice teacher. Stacy from Denham Middle School, arrived soon after 3:30pm, a quick walk from school to my studio. We began painting immediately, just to loosen things up and to see if this was something she would enjoy. She took to it with enthusiasm.

We used housepaint in this painting session. I have quite a stash of colors from a home interior project and after i discovered little jars of colors, i started using them for my own postcard projects. Stacy is using my old art postcards which have to be gessoed first. I had some pre-gessoed so she could start work immediately but towards the end of our session, i had her gesso some more postcards to prepare for next week's painting. Our goal is to try different media, using the postcard format to ultimately have a show of her work at Discovery Night. And showing her work will not only involve creating these works of art, but to make some critical decisions as to what she would like to show, creating labels, a pricelist, and most troublesome but important, an artist's statement.

Stacy is attracted to abstractions and she didn't waste any time experimenting with colors and different methods of applying the paint.


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