Accepted to Blue Planet

I received good rocking chair piece was accepted to the Blue Planet Show.
About the show...

The Pacific Region Women's Caucus for Art presents "Blue Planet," a national juried eco-art exhibition. "Blue Planet" examines and explores social, political and economic issues related to water. Given that water covers 70% of our "Blue Planet," this exhibition is an opportunity to re-envision, reclaim, remediate and restore our relationships with this most precious resource. Southern California eco-artist and juror, Kim Abeles, selected 56 artists, whose works range from installation and video to traditional media.

Public showing from Jun 19 - 26.

Kim Abeles has received fellowships from J. Paul Getty Trust Fund for the Visual Arts, Pollack-Krasner Foundation, and others. Abeles has consistently produced artwork about the environment. In 1987, she invented a method to create images from the smog in the air, and "Smog Collectors" brought her work to national and international attention.

Participating Artists: Allison Adams, Carolyn Applegate, Salma Arastu, Mariana Barnes, Ulla Barr, Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Rebecca Bauen, Helen L. Bellaver, Sukey Bryan, Mike Callaghan, Kimberley Campisano, Paola Coda, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Lynn Dau, Mary Lou Dauray, Inouk Demers, Cynthia Eddings, Danielle Eubank, Trish Foschi, Sarah Beth Goncarova, Sevilla Granger, Rachel X. Hobreigh, Teresa Hsu, Ann Isolde, Uma Rani Iyli, Katherine Hisako Kodama, Audrey Kral, Linda Kunik, Mariette Leufkens, Nalyne Lunati, Leora Lutz, Meg Madison, Maggie Malloy, Laura D. McHugh, Jean B. Mills, Barbara Milman, Arlene Ferley Monzon, Leslie Morgan, Sandra Mueller, Brenda Oelbaum, Michele Ogilvie, Nora Raggio, Ally Richter, Anne W. Rosenfeld, Valerie Runningwolf, Elisa Salcedo, Pallavi Sharma, Diana B. Shore, Susan M. Sironi, Jennifer Kim Sohn, Virginia Stearns, Deborah Thomas, Leigh Toldi, Jillian Van Ness, Margi Weir, Sydney Zentall.


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